Paint is the mark on paper, canvas, fabric, wood and ceramics. Design is the idea, the repeated pattern, the thought process behind the painting. Style is the end product, the interior elements that make up loving your home.

    "My painting and design work often has a floral starting point and always an added element of inventiveness and pattern."


    "Having a background in kitchen design, painted furniture, restoration and ceramics, I am delighted to team up with Frances and collaborate with the development of paintdesignstyle."

About us
Paintdesignstyle is a collaboration of Fine Artists creating and making for the home. Our products range from fine art through to colourful ceramics, textiles, painted furniture and selected vintage pieces. To us every surface is a canvas albeit clay, paper, fabric or wood. Whether using paint, under glaze stains, stencils and collage each project is carefully considered. Furniture is selected to re-invent and adapt for modern living, using the character and history to inspire the transformation. In addition to our own studio work, we have many years experience styling interiors and welcome commissions at all levels. If you need help with one room or your entire house we can guide you through the process.

what we offer


Taking inspiration from a variety of sources we predominantly paint using oil on canvas and mixed media.


Our ceramics are made using high quality semi-porcelain clay. Each item is hand built and hand painted.


We select furniture to reinvent and adapt using the character and history to inspire the transformation.

art workshops

We offer a range of ceramic, drawing and painting workshops. For further information please contact us.