Art classes


Art classes are available in drawing, painting and pottery and are taught in well-equipped studios, near the beautiful village of Matfield in Kent. Lessons are co-taught by two highly-qualified professionals, Frances May Tappenden and Sandy Schofield.

Sandy is the ceramics expert having attended many specialist courses over the past 10 years. Frances has a BA Honours in Fine Art and a teaching qualification and until recently was head of art at the Skinners grammar school for boys in Tunbridge Wells teaching GCSE and A level courses in Fine Art and Design.


Ceramic lessons are taught at Badsell park farm in Matfield. They will teach you about working with clay generally; hand-building and decorating with different types of glazes.

We use semi-porcelain clay, which is a smooth textured, beautifully dense clay to work with. Once fired it is white in appearance and lovely to ‘paint’ glazes onto in the green (unfired clay, it actually looks buff/grey in appearance!) or biscuit stage (first firing). We have a wheel and everyone will have a go if they wish, but we tend to teach hand building and painted decoration mainly.


Drawing and painting lessons are taught at either Badsell or at Frances’s studio on Gedges Hill, Matfield, behind Weirleigh house.

Frances attempts to take some of the mystery out of drawing, introducing you to a variety materials and painting techniques, adding in a little colour theory too. Classes are small and the aim is to create a fun, relaxing, no pressure environment where you can learn a new skill or brush-up on an old one.


3 x 2 hours pottery lessons cost £70pp including all materials
3 x 2 hours painting lessons cost £70pp including all materials

Pottery and Painting taster day including lunch drinks and all materials: £85pp
Put together your own group of 4-6 people and we will offer you a 10% discount on any of the courses

Phone 01892 722073 or visit the CONTACT section



Skinners School artwork